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Wonder Box

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Wonder Box brings you fantastic stationery straight to your door - you don't even have to leave your house. Sounds like a dream, but I can make it so!

The box contains 5 high quality products that beautifully complement one another, and  you will ALWAYS save money with this option. I guarantee that the value will exceed the cost! The product selection will vary from month to month, but you can expect items such as notebooks, washi tape, pencils, bookmarks, stickers etc.

A one off box is the perfect option if you'd like to try the concept before committing to the subscription service, if you want a gift for a fellow stationery fan or if you just want a surprise in the mail! 

Are you excited? I'm excited!!!

*image is an example of complementing products

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Beautiful items that inspires creativity


Items that enable and organise your projects


Community of like-minded creatives