Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here :)

I guess it means that you love stationery as much as I do?

I've been excited about notebooks and pencils and such since I was a little girl. Still to this day, I can remember the smell of our local book and stationery shop, in a small town in Norway, and how I used to spend ages looking at every single item in there.

Also, my mum actually used to work in a print shop so the sight and smell of ink and paper was introduced to me early on. I loved those trips to see mum in action, covered in ink, showing me the dark room, the machinery and the finished results.
I would work on "publications" at home, cutting and pasting bits from magazines and newspapers and mum would lovingly put everything together for me and have them professionally bound - and probably silently cursing all the teeny tiny pieces of cuttings back home that the hoover would never fully get. She still won't let that go!
In any case, that is how the journey started - why don't you follow along for the next bit?

Have yourself a wonderful day!

- Charline