Wonderful - Easter Crafts

Wonderful - Easter Crafts

Happy Friday you guys!

As you know, I am currently in Norway at my family cabin. The cabin has always been a place for indoor and outdoor activity. Technology, stress and modern society is swapped for nature, physical activity and creativity.

Although my grandparents have always said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, we have occasionally spent rainy and cold days inside doing cross word puzzles, playing board games and doing arts and crafts.

So to give you some ideas for what you can get up to over the weekend, here are 5 wonderful easter crafts:


1. Candles // 2. Bunny Bookmark // 3. Bunny cake // 4. Easter egg bath bombs // 5. Jam jars with painted bunny lid

Hope you're having a good Friyay!!

Talk to you soon,

- Charline

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