How to use stationery to reach your goals

How to use stationery to reach your goals

If you haven't heard of NIYC Pidgeon, it's time to get googling, my friend!

As an owner of a stationery business, you might say I am somewhat biased towards the positive benefits of using pen and paper over more technologically advanced tools. So I thought I would lean on an internationally renowned Positive Psychologist, Success Coach and Young Entrepreneur of the Year - I mean, she knows what she is talking about!

Below you will see a short video of Niyc explaining how she uses stationery, and specifically notebooks as tools to help her reach her goals. I hope you will watch and learn how you can reach your goals too!



So what I take from this video is that writing brings mindfulness and focus to what we are doing, it makes us more connected to our thoughts and feelings, it makes us visualise and be more creative. It basically brings the magic :)

How do you go about reaching your goals? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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