The future of stationery.. I'll let you in on a secret...

The future of stationery.. I'll let you in on a secret...

In a world that is so heavily influenced by digital powers, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of pen and paper. With the level of digital adaptation, one could easily assume that stationery does not have a place at all going forward.



As someone who is a huge lover of good ol' pen and paper, I am beyond happy to share that the future actually looks very bright for this industry and its followers. Some of you might wonder how - especially as you are currently reading this post via your smart phone, tablet, laptop etc. But you see - this is what the stationery industry has done so remarkably well: it has integrated online and offline seamlessly. In fact, an impressive 9.7% of all stationery is purchased online!


Technology and pen and paper


Whilst technology has worked itself into daily life and is now taken for granted, a whopping 94% of adults in the UK still believe that handwriting is an important skill. More surprising, perhaps, is the fact that 91% of children between 8 and 15 are of the same belief. It is actually the millennials - the most powerful purchase group out there, who are most interested in keeping pen and paper alive. These youngsters who have never known a life without social media, texting and face timing. It makes my little heart do a happy dance! 

I don't know about you, but for me it is perfectly natural to have a notebook next to my MacBook- one does not cancel out the need for the other. And the extent of research showing the benefits from writing things down on pen and paper is staggering!

But that is a story for another day..

Talk to you soon!


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