Introduction to lettering

Introduction to lettering

I've always wanted to have lovely, neat handwriting, but it's never really got to the point I wanted it. Back in elementary school we used to have these little "competitions" where we would draw a certain letter on the blackboard (really showing my age there, I know) and a designated judge would come back into the classroom to announce a winner.

Unfortunately, a long time has passed since then and my hand writing has pretty much been reduced to illegible scribbles only I can understand. So I thought it was about time to actually work on it a bit.

Basically, lettering is a way of drawing - which I am no good at either, but you can experiment and make mistakes and still have a rather nice looking result. Also, lettering is far more forgiving than other writing techniques such as calligraphy etc. When it comes to lettering, you can also use whatever supplies you have lying around - pencils, pens, paper - it doesn't have to be all fancy-schmancy. 

I think this infographic from Creative Market explains the basics pretty well:


Do you have any tips or tricks on how to improve your hand writing? I'd love to hear from you guys :) I've tried a few things over the last week or so, and will stop by later to show you some of my feeble attempts..

Until then...

- Charline

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