DIY (but can I?!) - Paper storage bags

DIY (but can I?!) - Paper storage bags

Good morning all!

Let me ask you a question - do you have a Pinterest board full of awesome DIY crafts that you haven't really tried or made any use of whatsoever? 

Over the years, I have had a few and I thought it was about time to try some of the projects to see if they could actually be successful or if they would just end in utter disaster. 

With that in mind, I figured I could do a weekly post to update you on the projects and to inspire you to maybe try a few yourselves. As I see this more as a challenge than a given success, I came up with the name "DIY (but can I?!)" and first up are these paper storage bags that I have been obsessed with over the past few months.

I've been selling the Kraft storage bags in my shop for a while, but when I saw this brilliant tutorial over at Fall for DIY I knew I had to try it.


fall for DIY kraft storage bag tutorial

- image belongs to Fall for DIY

I mean - they are so cute, so versatile and can be made of any paper you have lying around. If if you're anything like me, you will have quite a few options!

So here goes nothing - my first attempt at a DIY documenting it for all to see:


wang's wonderful world_diy but can i_kraft storage bag


Ok, so I was a little heavy handed on the first go and reaaally crumpled that paper! Also, they ended up being way too tall, so I had to fold the edges down way too many times.

But instead of throwing them out in a hissy fit (straight away), I had another go, and this time I was actually really pleased with the result - so much so that this little two-toned storage bag has replaced my previous pen cup. Not too shabby, hey?!


wang's wonderful world_diy but can i_kraft storage bags

I will grant myself a pass for the first ever edition of DIY (but can I?!), but fear that it will not always go so smoothly.

Stop by next week to see what I come up with and to see whether or not it will end as a miserable failure...

Talk to you soon!

- Charline

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