Wonderful - Deskscapes

Wonderful - Deskscapes

But first... let me take a deskie...

Have I made up the words "deskie" and "deskscapes"??? I mean I do that... Not on purpose, it just happens.. If they're not word, they should be, and they should mean a "selfie" of your desk and the landscape of a desk, how it is styled etc... Boom, there you have it.

I spend a lot of time looking for and thinking of desk styling ideas, as having a nicely styled desk will improve motivation and help you stay focused.. Or does it - have I made that up too? Hah!

Anyways, here are five really good looking deskscapes to inspire you this week:

deskscape on wangswonderfulworld Friday favourites

All images borrowed from Pinterest

Is there a lot of black and white? Yes, but only because black is my happy colour...

Talk to you soon,

- Charline

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