3 simple steps to improve your productivity

3 simple steps to improve your productivity

Most people complain about time constrains and overwhelming workloads. People these days are so stressed that their thought patterns are completely clouded by negativity. I can say this with confidence because I have lived through it myself. I let the long to do lists, the corporate stress, pressure and negativity grind me down to a point where I struggled to complete even the simplest of tasks - I didn't know where to begin.

I'll let you in on a secret - you can change all of this through mindset and daily habits!

All you have to do is shift your thought patterns from the negative to the positive and work on creating habits that promote activity and accomplishments. This will in turn develop a positive spiral of thoughts, wellbeing and success. This may sound silly, and you may think it's useless - but as with most things, it just takes a bit of practise.

Below you will find 3 actionable steps that you can take that are certain to improve your productivity - and they'll work for both your professional and personal life. Let's jump right in:

1. Plan!

According to Brian Tracy, every minute you devote to planning will save you 10 minutes of action. This is why it is so important to determine your tasks ahead of time so that you can maximise your schedule with solid focus. You don't want to spend the first hour of your day getting into the flow of things - that's an hour wasted! Instead, try to write down your plans for the next day at the end of your working day and see how much more you get through in a day.


2. Consolidate your plans into lists

You might mock the list makers of the world, but is has been said that utilising a check list, a to-do list or whatever you may call it, can actually increase your productivity levels by 25%! I never realised the power of lists - I have just always been drawn to make them because they work for me. I have now learnt that the reason they work is that you clear your mind by putting your tasks down on paper which in turn allows you to operate on a higher level and focus on the specific task at hand.


3. Start with the challenging tasks

I think most of us are guilty of having procrastinated at some point and fluffed around with easy, meaningless stuff first - dreading a difficult task. Doing this will increase the negativity around that specific task and might make you frustrated, anxious or even angry. Not great, huh?! I know that it is incredibly difficult to get out of this pattern once you are in it, but if you make a conscious effort of tackling challenges head on you will feel a really positive sense of achievement and enthusiasm. In fact, you can improve your productivity by a WHOPPING 50% by completing the most important task first thing each day. 

These are all simple steps that you can start practising now in order to improve your levels of productivity and ultimately become a more happy, high performing individual.

How do you stay productive?

Talk to you soon,


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